Are They?

Relative Insight are a language analytics company, founded in 2012. They started off as a research project to help catch criminals online, and now they help brands and agencies learn about different audiences through comparative linguistics. They can layer on top of any language data on or off the web in order to help you learn about different audiences, brands, topics, or trends.

What we did

Consulted on hiring roadmap and process. Created job specs for each role. Multiple days spent in the office understanding the culture and environment.

So far we have placed everything from a BDE to a Senior Marketing Manager. We have supported hiring across the UK and the US.


Key Facts

0% Churn over 2 years

12 placements made so far

Retained on over 50% of roles

Average Number of CVs sent – 4

100% retention of placements, 0% churn

Average 44 day conversion rate from initial role brief to candidate contract signed