Sauced Presents – Ren Patel

“With great relationships, you can build anything”

Next Tuesday at 10.00 Ren Patel joins Lloyd Stokes to talk in more detail about his direct experience of building Client Management teams. In 2010 he joined Reward Gateway when they were still a start-up and subsequently shaped the Client Management team. He then joined Salary Finance with the remit to build the CS team from an early stage again, which he has done with a huge level of success over the last 4.5 years.

Sauced Presents is a weekly 30-minute live interview with a wide range of people in the tech community. We aim to shine a light on everyone and anyone, covering lots of topics and find solutions to challenges you may well face currently, most importantly these sessions will be informative and fun. 

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Ren, isn’t unique in his approach to his career but he is rare. Ren is the ultimate relationship builder, he fosters a close alliance and depth of understanding with people both internally and externally. As a Client Management Leader he has expertly balanced the demands of people and customer management by completely prioritising the People element in everything he does.

There is a lot people can learn from his approach. 

Register here and tune in to watch this next Tuesday. You do not want to miss this one.
If you’re interested then check out our most recent interviews here Last week we had the pleasure of talking with Kyan Burke, Nathan spent a great 30 minutes talking to him about how you can practically use AI to impact your current role for the better. Well worth a watch.We really want this weekly feature to cover as many topics and shine a light on as many people in tech as possible, so if you’re interested in doing one of these fun sessions with the team then please get in contact. 

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